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9,210,313 Display device content selection through viewer identification and affinity prediction

Method and device are described for customizing the content selection to present on a display device based on identifying the viewer of the device. In one embodiment, the present disclosure relates to selecting from among a group of digital images, those images that are most likely to be of interest to the viewer. In general, many of the images available to the display device will be comprised of images containing subject faces. Using the relationship information to predict subject affinity, the display device computes an image affinity for each image by accumulating the individual subject affinity predictions between the viewer and each subject identified in each image. The image affinities are used to select images for presentation on the display device.

Other family members include 9,727,312, 20160019413, 9,483,697, 9,400,931, 10,084,964

F001-9210313-Display device content sele
9,195,679 Method and system for the contextual display of image tags in a social network

Methods and systems for the contextual display of image tags in a social network are disclosed. According to an aspect, a method includes obtaining text for display with an image. The method also includes displaying the image in a first display area. Further, for a portion of the text, the method includes determining whether the portion is designated as a recommended tag or not. In response to determining that the portion is designated as the recommended tag, displaying the portion in a second display area and indicating that the portion is the recommended tag, and in response to determining that the portion is not designated as the recommended tag, displaying the portion in the second display area and indicating that the portion is not the recommended tag.

Other family members include 20190073346

F002-9195679-Method and system for the c
10,243,753 Methods for sharing images captured at an event

In the present disclosure, methods, systems, and non-transitory computer readable medium are described whereby images are obtained at a server or another suitable computing device. The images may contain metadata indicating the time, date, and geographic location of capture. In one aspect of the present disclosure, this metadata may be used to determine that the images were captured at an event that is still occurring (in-process event). Users who have uploaded images that are captured at the event may be invited to join an image sharing pool. In response to accepting the invitation, the images provided by the user may be contributed to the image sharing pool, and other users having also joined the image sharing pool will be able to access the newly contributed images. The event associated with the sharing pool may be detected by the system or proposed by a moderator.

Other family members include 20190215173

F003-10243753-Methods for sharing images
9,702,582 Connected thermostat for controlling a climate system based on a desired usage profile in comparison to other connected thermostats controlling other climate systems

Methods, devices, computer readable medium, and systems are described for sending from a thermostat device to a server device a target ecorank setting, and receiving from the server a climate system setting wherein the climate system setting is derived from a comparison of energy consumed by the climate system controlled by the thermostat device in comparison to energy consumed by a comparison group, the comparison group comprising other climate systems controlled by other thermostat devices. The comparison group is determined based on profile information comprising information describing the dwelling, dwelling size, dwelling location, occupants, and climate system technology. The climate system setting is determined based on an energy savings needed to match or better the ecorank target setting based on a comparison group and comparison time period. The energy consumed by the climate systems may be reported by an associated energy measurement device or inferred by heating and cooling hours.

Other family members include 10,288,308 and 10,2883,09

4- 9702582-Connected thermostat for cont
9,886,727 User generated photo ads used as status updates

Systems and methods are disclosed for generating and utilizing photo advertisements (“ads”). In one embodiment, a photo advertisement is posted as a status update for a user via a social networking service. More specifically, first, one or more photo ad templates are obtained for the user, where each photo ad template includes one or more photo wells. A photo advertisement is then generated based on one of the photo ad templates such that a filler image of a different one of one or more participants identified for the photo advertisement is inserted into each of the one or more photo wells in the photo ad template. The photo advertisement is then used as a status update for the user. In another embodiment, the photo advertisement is stored and subsequently used to serve ad requests.

Other family members include 8,548,855, 8,554,627 and 8,543,460

5-9886727-User generated photo ads used
7,822,746 System and method for tagging images based on positional information

A system and method for suggesting keywords for tagging a digital image are provided. In general, a requesting node is communicatively coupled to a keyword service via a network. The requesting node sends a request to the keyword service requesting suggested keywords for a digital image. The request includes information relating to the digital image such as positional information. Based on the information, the keyword service generates a list of suggested keywords and provides the list of suggested keywords to the requesting node. At the requesting node, the list of suggested keywords is displayed to a user, and the user selects one or more of the suggested keywords for tagging the digital image.

Other family members include 8,001,124

6-7822746-System and method for tagging
7,693,906 Methods, systems, and products for tagging files

Methods, systems, and products are disclosed for tagging files. Metadata is associated to files, and subjective metadata is assigned to the metadata. Any metadata common to multiple files may have different subjective metadata. Tags, for example, may be associated to the files, and a subjective level of importance may be assigned to each tag. Any tag that is commonly assigned to different files may thus have different levels of importance.

7693906 REPLACEMENT.png
8,447,828 System and method for hosting images embedded in external websites

A system and method are provided for hosting digital images embedded in an external website, wherein the digital images are modified to include additional content such as advertisements when served to a guest of the external website. In general, a host website including a web server and an image database operates to host digital images for external websites. When the web server associated with the host website receives a request for a digital image embedded within a webpage of the external website, the web server analyzes metadata associated with the digital image to produce selection criteria and selects additional content to add to the digital image based on the selection criteria. The web server then modifies the digital image to include the additional content, thereby generating a modified image, and provides the modified image to the requesting node.

8-8,447,828 System and method for hostin
7,734,589 System and method for optimizing data uploading in a network based media sharing system

A system and method for optimizing the uploading of digital assets from a client node to a central node in a digital asset sharing system are provided. Digital assets residing at a client node are each tagged with one or more keywords. The client node sends a list of the keywords used to tag the digital assets to the central node and requests that invitations including the list of keywords be sent to potential guests. The potential guests select one or more of the keywords and send responses to the central node identifying the selected keywords. The central node processes the responses to generate a list of desired keywords and requests the digital images tagged with one or more keywords from the list of desired keywords from the client node. In response, the client node uploads the requested digital assets to the central node where they are stored.

9-7,734,589 System and method for optimi
8,281,002 Method and system for providing notification of the availability of a peer computer in a peer-to-peer network

The invention includes a system and method for providing notification of the availability of a peer computer in a peer-to-peer network. The system includes a peer network server (PNS) configured to provide the peer-to-peer network. The PNS receives a request for access to the peer computer and determines whether the peer computer is connected to the peer-to-peer network. In the event that the peer computer is not connected to the peer-to-peer network at the time the request is received, the PNS provides a notification that the peer computer has connected to the peer-to-peer network after the peer computer connects to the peer-to-peer network.

8281002 REPLACEMENT.png

Methods, systems, and devices are described for identifying images which may be of interest to a user based on their current geographic location. In some embodiments, a check is first performed to determine if the current geographic location is a location-of-interest. Images are searched that are in geographical proximity to the current geographic location of the user to identify images-of-interest. The images-of-interest may be designated in part based on actions taken by subjects having had interactions with the images. The user is notified based on the discovery of one or more images-of-interest. The one or more images-of-interest may be presented to the user through the use of map overlays and/or augmented reality techniques.

9,122,645 Method and system for tagging within virtual groups

A system and method are provided for tagging images or albums shared by a group of users. More specifically, a virtual group is defined, where each user in the virtual group has an associated image collection. The image collection of each user, or a select portion thereof, is made available to the other users in the virtual group. A number of group tags forming a tag vocabulary are defined for the virtual group, and the users in the virtual group are enabled to tag their own images, images shared by other users in the virtual group, or both using the group tags. Using the group tags, the images shared within the virtual group can be efficiently sorted, searched, and organized. Permissions may be defined to control access to and visibility of the group tags.

12-9,122,645 Method and system for taggi
7,080,139 Method and apparatus for selectively sharing and passively tracking communication device experiences

The present invention includes methods and devices for passively tracking and selectively sharing user experiences with communication devices, including computers, web-enabled telephones, and PDAs. User rating or comments on their experiences can be captured. Particular aspects of the present invention are described in the claims, specification and drawings.

Other family members include RE41,450, RE44,324, RE45,351 and RE45,543

13-7,080,139 Method and apparatus for se
8,504,073 Customized content delivery through the use of arbitrary geographic shapes

Methods and systems are disclosed for providing customized content to users based on their location. In one embodiment, for each of one or more content providers, a customized content delivery function receives information from the content provider defining a number of geographic shapes selecting corresponding geographic areas. Preferably, each of the geographic shapes overlaps at least one other of the geographic shapes and is assigned an importance level. For each geographic shape, the content provider defines one or more tags for the geographic shape and assigns a weight to each of the one or more tags. Thereafter, when a request is received from a requestor, one or more content items are selected for delivery to the requestor based on the geographic shapes, the tags and corresponding weights for the geographic shapes, and the location of the requestor.

Other family members include 8923889, 9160802 and 9424595

14-8,504,073 Customized content delivery
9,222,798 Systems and methods for identifying an activity of a user based on a chronological order of detected movements of a computing device

Disclosed herein are methods and systems for identifying an activity of a user based on a chronological order of detected movements of a computing device. According to embodiments of the present disclosure, the method may include detecting movements of a computing device. The method also includes determining a chronological order of the detected movements. Further, the method includes identifying an activity of a user of the computing device based on the detected movements and chronological order. The method also includes determining a geographic location associated with at least one of the movements. Further, the method includes presenting identification of the activity and the geographic location.

15-9,222,798 Systems and methods for ide
8,060,525 Method and system for generating media recommendations in a distributed environment based on tagging play history information with location information

A computer-implemented method and system are provided for generating media recommendations in a media recommendation network. Aspects of the method and system include receiving by a server a plurality of play histories of media items from a plurality of users of devices, wherein at least a portion of the media items are tagged with corresponding time and location data indicating a time and location of play; receiving by the server a media recommendation request from a requester, including receiving seed information indicating a current location of the requester; using at least one of user preferences of the requester and the seed information to identify correlated users from which to search corresponding play histories from among the plurality of play histories; comparing the seed information to the corresponding play histories and generating a list of related media items contained therein; and returning the list of related media items to the requester.

16-8,060,525 Method and system for gener
8,117,193 Tunersphere

Methods and systems are provided for identifying one or more media items played within a geographic area selected by a user. In one embodiment, a media service tracks play histories for a number of users registered with the media service, where each play history identifies media items played by the corresponding user as well as the locations at which at least a subset of the media items were played by the corresponding user. The media service enables a requesting user to select or otherwise define one or more geographic areas of interest. Then, based on the play histories, the media service identifies one or more media items played within the one or more geographic areas of interest. The media service then provides data reflecting the one or more media items played within the one or more geographic areas of interest to a device of the requesting user.

Other family members include 8,332,425, 8,886,666, 9,275,138, 9,552,428

17-8,117,193 Tunersphere.png
10,880,465 Determining Capture Instructions For Drone Photography Based On Information Received From A Social Network

Methods, Systems, and Devices are disclosed for using drone imaging to capture images at events. Capture instructions are provided to a drone device to aid in image capture. The capture instructions may include factors-of-interest. The factors-of-interest may include social graph information received from a social network and used to determine subject faces to target for image capture by the drone device. The factors-of-interest may also include current geographical location information of one or more friends identified in the social graph. This information may also be used to locate subjects for image capture. The social graph information may also be used to distribute any images captured to subjects appearing in those images.

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